Services and Prices - Daycare and Boarding


Daycare and boarding

On first enquiry you will be invited to come and meet us at one of our two boarding facilities depending on the size and temperament of your dog (and also our availability!)  so that your pet can have a sniff around and make sure they are happy aswell as us assessing them in our environment to make sure we think they will be happy and comfortable and you can also ask any questions you may have. Once we have met you can contact us as and when you need us!

What we need:  To cover our licence and insurance we need a form filling in which includes the date of their last flea and worm treatment and emergency contact details.  We need a revised copy of this every month. We will also need a copy of your dogs vaccination record.  Then all we need is food and possibly a blanket that smells like home for them to snuggle with. Please don’t bring bowls, towels or large beds – we have a plenty supply of all of these, including slow feeder bowls.

What we do:  All boarding dogs wear one of our collars and tags as well as their own just for added protection in the unlikey event they get lost. We don’t have kennels, at both facilities the dogs have a ‘dog room’ that we use . They have a sofa, and beds with duvets that they can make themselves at home on/in. The dogs share this space so it is important that your dog is friendly!  Both dog rooms have direct access into a fully secure garden. During the summer months they have access to the garden most of the day, and during the winter when we tend to keep the door shut they have regular garden breaks in between the rain showers!!

For fun: They have access to toys, and we also have some agility equipment set up that we may play with. We often have a paddling pool in the summer too. The dogs also tune into radio 2 most days . Our daycare and boarding include a walk each day.

Depending on how old your pup is as to how long we walk them for. 


Walks: Puppies  under 8 months won’t be walked due to growing bones and that normally being around the other dogs and playing is tiring enough!  Adolescents between the age of 8months and 1year will be allowed a half an hour walk and dogs over 1year will be able to go for full hour walks.

We take the dogs in our vans to local walks such as Battlesbury Hill, Elm hill, Middle hill, Heytesbury Bowl, Southleigh woods.  Your dog can be let off lead if you have signed permission on your form and they have good recall!  Dogs are walked in a group of up to six dogs (as per our licence and insurance) .

Timings: Standard hours are considered to be 7.30am - 6pm, we operate outside of these times and this is known as our 'late stay' service. Please see pricing below.

You will be required to drop off and collect your dog at the beginning and end of their stay. We can arrange to collect them but there is a £3 charge and you will need to book this in advance.


Day Care

Day care -  £17 per day


Late stay daycare - Early drop off (before 7.30am) OR late pick up (after 6pm) - £22


Day care 2 dogs -  - £28

Late stay daycare 2 dogs - Early drop off (before 7.30am) OR late pick up (after 6pm)  - £34


Day care 3 dogs -  - £38

Late stay day care 3 dogs - Early drop off (before 7.30am) OR late pick up (after 6pm)  - £44


Overnight Boarding

Overnight boarding - Morning drop off, pick up the following morning. Including a walk on the first day - £24

Overnight long stay - Morning drop off, pick up following evening. Including a walk on each day - £34


Overnight boarding 2 dogs - Morning drop off, pick up the following morning. Including a walk on the first day - £38

Overnight boarding two dogs long stay - Morning drop off, pick up following evening. Including a  walk on both days - £48



Things to note: 

*We will not charge for cancelled bookings.

*Saturdays are charged at normal rate.


*Sunday services will be charged at one and a half rate.

This includes walks, visits and day care BUT NOT holiday boarding.


*Bank holiday services will be charged at double rates for ALL services including boarding and if the booking is for less than three days. Bookings of more than three days will not be charged extra.

* Any collections / drop offs, beyond our seven mile radius will be charged at 45p per mile there after for the outbound and return journey ontop of the £3 standard fee.



Small Pet Boarding

We can accommodate rabbits and guinea pigs for holiday boarding. No need to bring a  hutch as we have them!  We can also accommodate  Mice, rats and hamsters but they are to come in their own cages please.  We supply bedding and hay but ask that you provide their hard food. Where possible we will feed fresh greens and vegetables.

£6 per day for up to 3 pets per cage.  We can accommodate more pets but please contact us to discuss!